What is ModelsWorld - a modeling agency or what?

We are also a so-called Model Agency, but not the traditional typeof Model Agency.

Simply explained, we mediate jobs between a person or company that needs a model or mannequin for an assignment.

We have no contract with the model, we do not accompany them to work, and the customer pays the model's remuneration directly to the model herself.

With a traditional modeling agency, the model is usually more like an employee with a contract and receives his compensation as a regular salary.



Why choose ModelsWorld?

We do not think that you should choose only us, but the more places you are seen, the greater your chances of getting a job.



Why does it mostly cost money?

All companies must make money somehow and so do we.
We agencies often hear "No serious agency charges the model".

Traditional agencies do not charge a membership fee, but they "only" take about 30-60% of what the customer pays to hire the model, and then they add booking fees and a few other bits and pieces. Then the model gets paid after that.


We agencies charge a low membership fee per year and the model receives her entire compensation herself.



We at ModelsWorld will in the future also charge a low membership fee, but we don't know when we will start that.
So right now, it's completely free to join us.
We will let you know in good time before we start charging and then you can choose whether you want to be a member or not.